Media Enquiries re events at the Youth Court on Tuesday 22 August

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My Office has been contacted by a number of media outlets today with respect to what occurred at the Youth Court yesterday afternoon. Staff from my Office were not present, so I cannot comment on what took place at Court.

It might be helpful if I explain the role of this Office when a person is about to be brought to Court on a serious charge. Before a person is brought to Court, SAPol provides my Office with a written summary of the allegations. When the investigation is at an early stage, that summary is necessarily brief. This Office uses that summary in order to advise SAPol as to what charge/s should be laid in Court. This process is commonly referred to as an “adjudication”.

This adjudication process was undertaken yesterday for the four youths and relevant adult defendant. The summary came to my Office early yesterday afternoon. There is nothing unusual in that timing. The summary was then considered by my Office and SAPol was given written advice.

Read the full media statement – Media Enquiries re events at the Youth Court (PDF 0.5KB)


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