Media Statement – 13-11-2015 – R V Keogh

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In December 2014 the Full Court of the Supreme Court of South Australia set aside Mr Keogh’s conviction for the murder of Ms Cheney.

On 1 May 2015 I asked that the matter be relisted for trial. I was satisfied that there was a reasonable prospect of conviction and that a retrial was in the public interest.

After 1 May 2015 an important witness became unwell. The witness will not be able to give evidence. As a consequence, I was obliged to review whether the matter could proceed.

Having conducted that review, I concluded that it was not appropriate to proceed without the witness giving evidence and being cross examined. I concluded that essential matters would not be able to be proved unless the witness was called. I came to the view that there was no reasonable prospect of conviction without the witness.

As a consequence, I discontinued the prosecution today.

I do not propose to name the witness. They are entitled to privacy with respect to their health.

Before discontinuing the prosecution, I consulted with police and members of the Cheney family.

In the past, members of the media have attempted to contact members of the Cheney family. On their behalf, I advise that they do not wish to be contacted by media. I ask that their wishes, and privacy, be respected.

Adam Kimber SC

Director of Public Prosecutions


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