2016 ODPP Independent Review

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Extract below;

“The South Australian Attorney General’s Department (“AGD”) and Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (“ODPP”) required an independent review to assess and compare the operations of the ODPP with other similar jurisdictions and identify the areas of high performance and opportunities for improvement within the office. The outcome of the review was to be a report that will highlight opportunities to refine and improve productivity and make recommendations for a sustainable funding model. The key deliverables for this assignment were a report that covered the following:

  • Review of the current levels of funding in relation to equivalent agencies in other jurisdictions
  • Review of the current organisational structure and management, taking recent relevant projects into consideration
  • Review of the current workload and adequacy of staffing and other resourcing to fulfil role and perform all required functions
  • Review of current key performance statistics, both in terms of the ODPP’s performance and the statistics themselves
  • Review of the broader Criminal Justice Sector reform programs already impacting on the ODPP, and those expected in future (including the Prosecution Management Project and the Circuit and Country Committals Project)
  • Compare ODPP current state and performance against equivalent agencies in other jurisdictions, bearing in mind any differences in business processes
  • Identify short, medium and long term opportunities/strategies to improve the operations of the ODPP
  • Identify the benefits, costs, savings and risks of recommended options

PIP completed this engagement over a period of approximately six weeks, in close collaboration with team members from the ODPP and AGD. PIP did not undertake any assessment of any individual legal proceedings or individual decisions made by the ODPP….”

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