R v Haines

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Link to PDF version – R v HAINES (20-06-2016) (48KB)

Today the prosecution of Ms Haines with respect to the death of her partner was discontinued.
Following legal argument, on Thursday 16 June 2016 the trial judge ruled that evidence upon which the prosecution proposed to rely was not admissible. As a consequence, it was necessary for me to review whether or not there was a reasonable prospect of conviction on the balance of the available evidence.
As a consequence of my review, I came to the view there was no reasonable prospect of conviction in the absence of the evidence ruled inadmissible. On the evidence remaining, I was not satisfied there existed a reasonable prospect of establishing that the alleged act of Ms Haines that caused the death was not defensive beyond a reasonable doubt.
The above decision was made after consultation with members of family of the deceased and SAPol.
Adam Kimber SC
Director of Public Prosecutions


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