Victim Impact Statements (VISs)

Downloadable PDF Version – Victim Impact Statement Suggestions (PDF 0.3MB)

This list of questions may assist you in writing your Victim Impact Statement (VIS).

Please note that these are ideas and suggestions only to get you started. You do not need to write a response to all the questions listed below and you may want include something that is not listed here.

REMEMBER: When writing a VIS it is important to focus on the IMPACT of the crime involving you and not describe the facts or circumstances of the crime itself.

There is no prescribed length for a VIS – however try and keep it focused and to the point. A VIS needs to describe the impact of the crime on you. Other information not related to the impact of the crime may not be allowed or is unlikely to be considered by the judge.

In telling the court about the impact of the offences for you, refer to those questions only where you have something to say.

  • What was life like before the event/incident?
  • What is life like now?
  • Has your view of the world changed?
  • What has been the emotional impact for you (i.e. distressed, ashamed, worried, overwhelmed, angry, sad, embarrassed, degraded, confused, etc)?
  • What has he psychological impact for you (i.e. anxiety, depression, sadness, ‘moody’, stressed, needed counselling, feeling unsafe)?
  • What has been the financial impact for you (could not go to work, stolen money, bills incurred)?
  • How has this impacted on other people around you (i.e. partners, children, other family members, friends)?
  • How has this impacted on your home-life and lifestyle?
  • How has this impacted on work life or schooling?
  • Has this had an impact on your hobbies, interests and enjoyment (i.e. I love swimming/driving/playing golf/drawing but I can not do these things anymore)?
  • Has this had an impact on your personality or character (i.e. confidence, trust in people, social ability, etc)?
  • What were your feelings at the time of the event (i.e. Behaviours including sleeping changed, nightmares, anger, shock, not eating)?
  • What are your feelings now?
  • Do you have particular feelings towards the accused (i.e. angry, not understand, disappointed, hurt)?
  • What has been your experience of grief?
  • Do you carry issues of trust or betrayal?
  • What has been the impact of attending court and / or the Criminal Justice system for you?
  • Are there positive steps you have made or ways you have managed?
  • Do you have worries or fears for the future?
  • Are there comments or information you would like to direct to the accused (i.e. “You have hurt me”, “Because of what you did ….”, “I want you to know …..” )





In the Matter of R v (Defendant’s Name)


I (Full Name) request that the prosecutor present this Victim Impact Statement to the court on my behalf.

I am aware that the defendant may be given a copy of this statement to read.

I am making this statement to inform the court about how this crime has affected me.

Insert your text here




This Statement is true to be best of my knowledge and belief



SIGNED: ………………………….

DATE: …………………………….