All bail agreements include conditions about not leaving South Australia, submitting to tests for gunshot residue and prohibiting the defendant from possessing firearms.

Common bail conditions

Bail agreements can also include other conditions. Some of the common conditions include requiring the defendant to:

  • live at a particular address
  • comply with a curfew
  • be on home detention (with or without electronic monitoring)
  • be supervised by a community corrections officer
  • report to a police station on a regular basis
  • not contact an alleged victim, witness or other person
  • surrender their passport
  • not use drugs or alcohol
  • not to work with children
  • provide a guarantor (a person who agrees to guarantee that they will come to court as required and will comply with the other conditions of the bail agreement)

The actual conditions imposed on the defendant depend on the circumstances of the case.

Breaching bail conditions

If a defendant breaches a condition of their bail agreement, they can be charged with an offence of breaching bail.

They might also have their bail cancelled. This means they will have to stay in prison while their matter continues through the court process.