Conviction rate is the number of accused who are either convicted by a jury or judge or plead guilty at any time after committal as a percentage of the total number of accused committed for trial.

The following tables provide a breakdown of the overall conviction rate according to the percentage of convictions by verdict and convictions by plea.

Overall conviction rate

Overall conviction rates
2019-20 AVERAGE80.60%
Jul 1979.01%
Aug 1986.30%
Sep 1972.62%
Oct 1980.88%
Nov 1981.91%
Dec 1989.86%
Jan 2088.24%
Feb 2075.90%
Mar 2079.45%
Apr 2073.08%
May 2081.82%
Jun 2078.08%

Breakdown of conviction rates by verdicts and pleas

Convictions by VerdictConvictions by Plea
2019-20 AVERAGE10.17%89.83%
Jul 1915.63%84.37%
Aug 1915.90%84.10%
Sep 198.19%91.80%
Oct 1918.86%81.13%
Nov 1917.94%82.05%
Dec 1914.28%85.71%
Jan 201.66%98.33%
Feb 209.52%90.47%
Mar 206.89%93.10%
Apr 207.69%92.30%
May 205.45%94.54%
Jun 200%100%